About Us


On Trend

Studio Jewellery has an ever evolving range of "in the moment" 925 sterling silver earrings, rings and necklaces all available to be purchased from our website only.


E Commerce and Jewellery Experience

Our staff have extensive experience in Jewellery making and E Commerce, this combination allows us to provide a high quality product with fast and efficient service delivered to your doorstep.



Studio Jewellery operates as an online retailer only in order to keep overheads as low as possible, which in turn is passed onto the customer in the form of the lowest possible price for the highest possible quality.


Distribution Locations:

Studio Jewellery currently fulfills orders from 2 locations.


Michigan, USA: All items sent through out the United States of America, Canada and Western Europe are sent from this United States of America distribution center.



Sydney, Australia: All items sent through out Australia are sent from our Sydney distribution center.



Please note: These are large distribution centers shared with other companies with no public access.